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Synergy Distribution – About

Synergy Distribution is an integrated physical and digital distributor of music and video products.  Our physical distribution directly reaches over 400 independent brick-n-mortar retail stores, several thousand retail stores through our onestop partners as well as all online physical retailers including our direct servicing of Amazon.com.


We offer digital distribution to over 600 digital services including; iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Google Play, Microsoft, MediaNet, Nokia, MOG, Spotify, Rdio, 7Digital, 24/7 Entertainment and many, many more. Based on our early adoption of digital services our revenue share with these services is at or below our competitors.


Synergy Distribution’s executive offices and warehouse are based in Denver with a satellite office in New York City. As one of the boutique independent distributors, our criteria for new labels is more flexible than many other independent distributors, so you may be pleased to find that we will seriously consider distribution of your label.


If  you are interested in our services or have questions, please contact us at ‘sales at synergydistribution.com’ and let us know what you’re thinking.


Synergy Distribution LLC
3050 E 43rd Ave
Denver, CO 80216
ph 719-679-3720
fx 855-215-3051

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