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Synergy Distribution – Accounts

Synergy Distribution would be happy to work with you if you don’t already purchase product from us. Please read our Terms and Conditions, Miminum Order and Returns Polcies below, then contact us via email with any questions you may have or call us directly at 719-679-3720.

Thank you for your interest in opening a New Account with Synergy Distribution!



1. Credit Terms: All prospective customers must fill out a credit application. Upon submission of the application, a credit line will be established. Payment terms will be established at that time.


2. Returns: All non-deleted product Synergy Distribution sells is 100% guaranteed for return subject to our incentive disincentive program. Credits will be issued at an average selling price on your account as long as the following conditions are met.

   a. All return requests must be submitted in writing in advance of shipment to our warehouse. This request will be entered into our computer and a Return Authorization (RA) will be generated. This RA will list merchandise Synergy Distribution has authorized for return. Only merchandise listed as authorized on the RA may be shipped as a return. All unauthorized returns will be returned to you at your expense.

   b. Your return must be received in the warehouse within 30 days of the RA date.

   c. Returns of deleted items must be requested and returned to Synergy Distribution in accordance with the procedures outlined above and within the dates outlined in the deletion notice. Official deletion notices will be included with Synergy Distributionís new release mailing. Please be aware of these deletion notices.


3. Advertising: Deduction for authorized advertising is allowed with submission of proof of advertising and Synergy Distributionís advertising authorization number. Please do not spend any advertising dollars without discussing the advertising proposal and receiving an authorization number first. No credit will be issued without the proper documentation.


4. Incentive/Disincentive Discounts: For all cassettes and compact discs with a list price of $6.98 or higher, all sales will receive a discount of 1.1% (incentive). For all returns credited to your account on the above items, there will be a reduction of 5% of the credited amount (disincentive). Excluded from this policy are all vinyl, maxicassettes, cassingles and CD5s.



In order to get free shipping, the order must be 10 pieces or more. If you order 10 pieces or more and we ship less than 10 pieces because of lack of inventory, you will still get free shipping. Also the back order shipments of those missing pieces, if you do back orders, will not have shipping charged to you.



Returns must have pre-approval. Please submit your Return Authorization Request (RAR) to your Synergy Sales Rep or directly to info@synergydistribution.com or faxed to 855-215-3051. They will issue you a Return Authorization (RA). Returns, once authorized, should be returned within 30 days.

The return address and contact information is:

Synergy Distribution Return Dept.
98 Wadsworth Blvd #127, PMB 185
Lakewood, CO 80226


Product requested that can’t be authorized e.g. deleted or switched to another distributor, will not be authorized and will be missing from your authorization. If that product is still returned with your return, you will not receive credit and the product will not be returned to you. We send out deletion and change of distribution notices as needed via email to databases and the proper account personnel.

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