Blacklist Union – Til Death Do Us Part – CD

Blacklist Union – Til Death Do Us Part – CD


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A collection of 11 songs written and performed by a cast of who’s who from the rock n roll world, Blacklist Union’s Til Death Do Us Part was recorded with players from the well known rock band SALIVA, as well as Hunt Sales (formerly of David Bowie’s Tin Machine and Iggy & the Stooges). Writing credits on the album include contributions from Anthony “Trouble” Valli formerly of multi-platinum recording artists CRAZYTOWN and Todd Youth, a musical icon in his own right, having played with everyone from Glenn Danzig to Glen Campbell. Unfiltered and raw, frontman Tony West (formerly with LA Guns) is as honest as it gets, whether it comes to his dark, drug addled past to his off the rails relationship with the mother of his daughter – and it’s all captured on tape. Or on Pro Tools, if you like.

Til Death Do Us Part is Blacklist Union’s third release and the band has toured the US at a breakneck pace since 2008 and they continue to do so with this newest album. Heralded throughout the pages of publications such as Revolver, Metal Hammer and the like, the band live up to the street smart, straight from the gutter reputation they’ve built over the years.

As with the previous two efforts, Til Death Do Us Part was produced by Chris Johnson (Buckcherry, Goldfinger, Hilary Duff)
For fans of: Buckcherry / Guns N’ Roses / Ozzy Osbourne

Selling points: Members of Saliva, David Bowie’s band, Crazy Town and Todd Youth were all involved in the writing and recording process, US tour to continue into early 2014, produced by Chris Johnson of Buckcherry. Goldfinger and Hilary Duff fame.

Track Listing

1) Til Death Do Us Part
2) Alabama Slammer
3) Blown Away
4) Game Over
5) Same Ol Pressure
6) Diggin 4 Gold
7) Feed The Snakes
8) I Do
9) Don’t Change
10) The Lick Kitty Split
11) Theme Song
12) I Don’t Love You Anymore

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