Dead, White and Blue – Mary Jane – CD

Dead, White and Blue – Mary Jane – CD


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The basis for Dead, White and Blue’s debut, Mary Jane, was laid back at the turn of the century when frontman Russell Workman was then playing in various bands around Phoenix, AZ’s lucrative music scene – as well as taking support slots with Iron Maiden, Dio, and Korn amongst others. Building a reputation as a solid songwriter and an over the top live performer, Workman went into Tim Rastas Studio in Tempe and laid down tracks for an album that was all set, primed and ready to be released in 2001.

And then it all came crashing down. Russell got busted by the Arizona state police and wound up doing 6 years in prison for a minor drug charge. In 2012 Workman was free of his demons and anxious to work and play again. After several phone calls and digging through vaults and closets the raw master tapes for his unreleased album were located and he immediately set to work overdubbing and updating certain sections of songs, re-mixing and finally mastering his long overdue hard work.

Eleven tracks strong, all of the songs on Mary Jane were written by Workman and show the raw power and unbridled emotion and angst that reflect his life. “We recorded this album without Pro Tools or any sort of “cut and paste” choruses,” recalls Workman. We wanted a real raw sound without it sounding mechanical.”

The planes hit the towers in New York the morning Workman started his vocal tracks, giving him a place to scream from and something to stand for. This music is some of the most real, raunchy rock and roll the world has heard in years – Workman prefers to call it “gut rock.” These songs aren’t so much from “the heart” as they are from the midsection. I was pissed when I made this record and knew in time that it would push itself to the surface. I was disgusted with the way music had turned. The boy bands and the ridiculous pop songs that were being fed to the world by the major labels on a daily basis. So I basically let the devil do the talking.”

It’s often said that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Dead White and Blue’s Mary Janehas arrived. Your wait is over. Get ready to be blown away.

For fans of: Motley Crue / Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie Selling points: Short tours with the likes of Iron Maiden / Dio / Korn Marketing: Quarter, Half and full page ads in relevant print publications as well as banner ads taken with genre relative websites. Full press and radio campaigns. Video for “Take” to premiere on Noisecreep.

Track Listing

1) Take
2) Mary Jane
3) Dragonhead
4) California
5) God Bomb
6) Hot Wheels
7) Rain
8) Suitcase Punk
9) Soul Thief
10) Let The Dead
11) Burning In Hell

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