MONKEYSHORTS – Day View Owl Bum – CD

MONKEYSHORTS – Day View Owl Bum – CD


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The debut album from eclectic folk-punk band MONKEYSHORTS. Recorded in Seattle at the world-famous birthplace of grunge London Bridge Studio. Co-produced by Justin Davis (Queensrÿche, Candlebox) – Mastered by Geoff Ott (Death Cab for Cutie, Alice in Chains). This however is not a grunge rock record, though Queensrÿche’s drums were used in the recording process. Day View Owl Bum is more like a roller-coaster ride through musical genres with fun, sometimes raunchy, but always humorous lyrics on such topics as traveling, romance, animals, your usual fare.

Day View Owl Bum features a bluegrassy cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer” complete with tin whistle solo. The biggest crowd-pleaser on the record is the punk-pop ditty “Platypus” owning to the fact that there’s an odd and somewhat dangerous beast lurking inside all of us. Day View Owl Bum starts out with “Tickle My Toes” featuring Tamara Power-Drutis (Phinney Estate). This song makes people laugh, cry, cum. True story. We even had to leave the room to give her some privacy. Must be the strings. Other favorites are “How’s Your Day?”, “Dinky”, “Biggest Fan” and the rest of the album. One fan called MONKEYSHORTS “the [adult swim] of music.” You will most certainly agree.

MONKEYSHORTS includes founding members King Masaabuu, Patter, and Patches plus several world-class musicians: vocalist/flutist Michelle Nikisch (The Jacksons, Smokey Robinson, Celine Dion); bassist/keyboardist/beatboxer DJ Stephen Hogan (OneRepublic, Blake Lewis); trumpeter/accordionist Sunshine Applebeard (Super Geek League); violinist Michael Watson (Barry Manilow, Linda Ronstadt); percussionist Brandon Foster (Fleur Jack); and drummer Morgan Smith (Sammy Steele Band).

Similar artists: Beck; Tenacious D; The Presidents of the United States of America; Talking Heads; They Might Be Giants; OK Go; XTC; Harry Nilsson; Frank Zappa
Novel tunes for novel times…

“The lowly and underappreciated platypus is excellent subject matter for a song.” ~ Dave Dederer (guitarist, The Presidents of the United States of America)

“This one’s going to be a hit…” (Starts singing) “…Let’s be neighbors.” ~ Geoff Ott (producer, 3 Doors Down)

“The drums sound great—nice intonation, very dynamic.” ~ Gene Trautmann (drummer, Queens of the Stone Age)

“I just listened to all your songs & really liked them, especially the one about tickling.” ~ Christina Antipa (indie singer-songwriter)

Track Listing

1) Tickle My Toes
2) Platypus
3) Dinky
4) Let’s Be Neighbors
5) Biggest Fan
6) Closer
7) The Road to Alabama
8) Sturgis Valley
9) Beatrice Be My Mistress
10) Chew’d on-n Sumthin’ Hokey
11) I Live in a Zoo
12) How’s Your Day?
13) Kick Me (Round)
14) The Perfect Limerick (Tribute)
15) Oh Nantucket

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