Aoede – What Are Dreams Made Of? – CD

Aoede – What Are Dreams Made Of? – CD


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Upon the release of her popular, award-winning storytelling CD Is Love A Fairy Tale? in 2012, singer/songwriter Lisa Sniderman promised that the adventures of her musical alter ego, the charming young protagonist Aoede The Muse, in the magical kingdom of Wonderhaven would continue. A brilliantly inventive award-winning work combining narration, story, colorful offbeat characters and music intended for young adult audiences, What Are Dreams Made Of? (Sep 2013) finds Aoede exploring realms of darkness and light in the wake of a bad dream (a “nyxmare”) in which she is continually haunted by a white witch and children go missing. As the fascinating tale full of unexpected twists and turns evolves, Aoede has to explore both overland and underworld, where she meets magical characters, including fairies, goblins and dream gods to figure out what her dream means. While Is Love A Fairy Tale? Found its sizeable audience with a younger crowd, What Are Dreams Made Of? and its edgier themes are aimed at more mature tweens and teens. Fans of that age, who have made Harry Potter, the “Twilight” series and “The Hunger Games” pop culture phenomena, will enjoy the compelling storyline and infectious songs – as well as Aoede’s exploration of the deeper mysteries of life.

Though most of the songs are, in traditional musical style, embedded as part of the unfolding story, Sniderman is planning to release two of the songs she wrote for What Are Dreams Made Of? as singles: the whimsical, vocal harmony laden “Life is But A Dream” and the mystical, hypnotic ballad “Into the Deep.” Fans of artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Feist, Lily Allen and A Fine Frenzy have long resonated with Aoede’s passionate songwriting and inimitable, breathy and enchantingly quirky soprano. In addition to the return of narrator Kevin Ponthier, the collection includes guest voice artists, renowned actor Michael Des Barres (“Phobetor”) and David Yow (“Luk”), founding member of the band The Jesus Lizard. The uniquely collaborative project was produced and engineered (as the first project was) by Aoede’s chief collaborator,

Scrote, who has worked with Jackson Browne, Van Dyke Parks, Daniel Johnston and The Stripminers.“I enjoyed the many challenges, artistic growth, collaborations, opportunity to reach a new niche, and all the fan and industry accolades so much from creating Is Love A Fairy Tale?,” says Sniderman. “I wanted to create another musical story revolving around Aoede’s adventures in Wonderhaven. This time I center on a theme I’m sure tweens, teens and adults have strong associations with: dreams. This is a much darker story, and unlike Fairy Tale, Scrote and I created the story and music for What Are Dreams Made Of? simultaneously, each informing the other.

It is very theatrical and you can really experience that aspect when you hear the characters’ voices.” Sniderman, a well-known San Francisco based recording artist and philanthropist, launched Aoede and her surrounding world, after a lengthy hospitalization for Dermatomyositis (DM), a debilitating muscle disorder. Aoede (named after the first muse of song in Greek mythology) became the singer’s alter ego on her radiant 2012 album Skeletons of the Muse. Songs from the recording reached #1 on Reverbnation’s San Francisco pop chart and #8 on the national chart. The success of the release party for Skeletons of the Muse, which included a fascinating multi-media performance and the debut of the colorful video for “Fairy Tale Love,” inspired Sniderman her to create Is Love A Fairy Tale?, which weaved charming spoken narrative around songs from Skeletons and several new compositions. Sniderman has added to her lengthy shelf of awards and musical accolades several times with Is Love A Fairy Tale?, which won Children’s Album of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards and two awards (Best Folk Recording and Best Folk Video) at the Indie Music Channel 2013 Awards. What Are Dreams Made Of? has received three prestigious Children’s Awards, including Creative Child Magazine’s “Preferred Choice Award”.

Track Listing

01 What Are Dreams Made Of
02 Luk Is Here To Stay
03 Aoede’s Dream
04 Department Of Dreams How Dreams Are Made
05 Dream Magicians_Siren Song
06 The Dream Whisperer The Goblin Market Song
07 Morpheus_All This Mess
08 Phobetor Is Missing
09 Land Of Dreams
10 Dream Gods Song
11 The Bad Seeds
12 The Goblins, The Nyxmares And The White Witch
13 The Dark Side
14 Into The Deep
15 Stolen Dream Seeds
16 A Dark Wonderhaven
17 The Remote Cave Of Erebus
18 Aoede And The Goblins
19 A Giant Awakens
20 Phobetor/Chocolate Nectar
21 The Goblin Kings Are Rising
22 DOD Dreamyard I Choose The Muse
23 Life Is But A Dream

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